Monday, January 14, 2008

Pano Logic takes the "Silver," how appropriate

We (all of us here at my employer, Pano Logic) just heard that the Pano Logic Virtual Desktop System took a silver from the Tech Target Search Virtualization 2007 product awards. While I hate to be positioned as "hardware." We are extremely happy to see that our message of a built from the ground up, integrated, simple, and complete solution for desktop virtualization is resonating in the marketplace! It is certainly working with our customers and we're already off to a fantastic 2008.

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Stuart said...

Pano is an incomplete solution – here’s why

The challenge with Pano is the limited desktop performance – display resolution, video and graphics. While better than plain RDP, it is a compromised experience compared to a PC at the user desk.

There is another Zero Client solution that provides and un-compromised user experience and that is PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology.

To be truly cost effective a Zero client needs to handle any user - from terminal/task workers, mainstream office users and power users that may require full DVI resolutions and full frame rate 3D graphics. This is what PCoIP delivers.

Check out this Zero Client that is an all-in-one display that Samsung just announced (SyncMaster 930ND) it supports VMware View (aka VDI) and PCoIP to be forward compatible when Vmware VIew integrates PCoIP technology (see vmware announcement with Teradici at the Sept08 Vmworld)

See this performance demo including HD video and 3D graphics. Search PCoIP on Youtube.

For full disclosure, I am the Director of Business Development at Teradici. For more info go to